Thursday, June 30, 2011

Home style Latin food yummmm!!

Anyone who has been to Cafe Habana knows just how their renowned Mexican style grilled corn makes you salivate just thinking about it!! They only have two locations, one on Prince St and Elizabeth St in Manhattan, NY and another one in Brooklyn. I've only gone to their Manhattan location because it's just so convenient when you're shopping in SoHo around the area! Today, I decided to take my friend Annie to this little gem so that she could have a taste of the amazing grilled corn for herself! The lines are never really that bad, and even if they are bustling with customers this little cafe has a really great and fast turnover rate! We both ordered an ear of grilled corn each, and we split their also-famous Cuban Sandwich, which drips with the juices from the fresh pulled pork :) Prepare for a whole ton of salivating and lip licking :
The oh-so-famous Mexican grilled corn. Grilled to perfection with a side of some lime wedges. Then they slather on some good ol' mayo with some cheese, cumin and chili powder, and you have your own mouth-watering side dish :)

An ear of corn is definitely not going to fill you up, so make sure to order one of their sandwiches, the Cuban sandwich to be exact. The sub has a nice crispy crunch to it which goes perfectly with the fresh pulled pork and possibly turkey (I was devouring my sandwich a little too quick to notice), and they've put some spices in the mayonnaise just to give it an extra kick!

Mango juice and Guava soda, the perfect addition to the meal
Cheers to a great meal!!

Store front, located on Prince and Elizabeth Street in Manhattan, NY

I highly recommend Cafe Habana, an ear of corn and a sandwich fills you up quite well, and is perfect after an afternoon of walking and shopping around! Out of towners, be sure to check this little place out if you ever happen to be around the Manhattan area, it won't disappoint :) Enjoy!


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