Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who loves "How I Met Your Mother"?

OOTD: Casual Work Day :)

So today was just another normal day at work--updating our client list and such, and I just thought that I would share today's outfit with you all!

Nothing too special, though I wish I could've had the chance to enjoy the weather outside! Well I'll have plenty of time to do that this weekend when I visit my boo bear in Albany for a few days :) Finally, a weekend to just relax and do nothing at all, except maybe catching some How I Met Your Mother episodes here and there, which I'm growing especially fond of. I LOVE Neil Patrick Harris and the hi(WAIT FOR IT)larious character that he is!!

And I also think the "Bro Code" at the end of every episode is very clever and amusing. My favorite episode so far, I'd have to say, would be the one where Marshall and Barney pretends to be the girl that Ted is into because Ted is not following the "three day rule", where basically, a guy doesn't call a girl until after a date until three days later. So Marshall and Barney starts to have some fun with Ted, and they exchange sexy hot texts with each other, and it ends with a hilarious ending! This episode takes the cake right now, but if any of you watch How I Met Your Mother, and know of any other great episodes, please do let me know so that I can watch them!!!

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