Thursday, June 2, 2011

Goals for the Summer

Another year has come and gone, and as I have sat in my room equipped with double window fans (instead of an air conditioning system because my dad believes in saving money for our summer trip), I felt the need to reflect upon myself and what I have done so far ever since I had come home from school. After much scrutiny, I've come to the conclusion that I haven't used the past few weeks to my best advantage. Besides playing OMGPOP during the wee hours of the morning and being molded into a sand-pregnant mermaid (see below) with biceps comparable to Jacob Black's, there really hasn't been much that I'm glad to say I've accomplished.
A few people stopped to take pictures because my friends did such a great job haha.
Though I'm taking a trip to Taiwan and Malaysia for a little over a month, boredom likes to creep up on me if I'm staying home for an entire day (which is expected in Malaysia, especially without the vast , which has brought me to make a list of goals and aspirations to complete for the summer:

  • Successfully round up everyone to go paintballing. This has always interested me, I've never gone paintballing and I like to believe that my pain tolerance is pretty high. We'll see if I'm right about that pretty soon. If you know of any good places near or around the NY area, let me know! That would be great, thanks :)
  • Video blog in Taiwan and Malaysia. I plan to vlog about the different foods and places that I visit during my little getaway. If all goes well I will post them on this blog for you all to enjoy!
  • Try new foods and cuisines. I always need something new and interesting to keep my palette entertained hehe.
  • Learn how to cook more of Mom's dishes. I want to be able to pass down my mom's recipes to my future generations, and what's a better time to learn from the best than in the summer?
  • Post some looks on Lookbook. The warm weather has been giving me some fashion inspirations lately! I've been meaning to do this for quite some time now, but again, I need to purchase a new charger for my camera for that to be possible.
  • Stop neglecting my camera and actually do some shoots already. Okay I have to admit, though the lost charger situation is a setback, I haven't been feeling artsy for some time now. Hopefully this summer will get me out of that rut!
  • SAVE MONEY. Isn't this everyone's aspiration? Somehow the money I earn will always find its way out of my wallet whether it be for purchases of little trinkets, clothes, or just miscellaneous items that I feel the need to buy at the moment. What are your best money saving techniques?
Feel free to share YOUR summer goals, whatever they might be :)


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