Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Salt and Pepper Porkchops - FIRST MEAL IN TAIWAN!!

After enduring 16 or so hours on a plane plus a connecting flight, we'd finally arrived in Taiwan! It was almost dinner time, and as much as my mom and I would have loved to walk around and shop for some clothes, we were all JUST TOO TIRED and exhausted from our flight to wander that far haha. We had a bit of trouble deciding what to eat, considering how we wanted to have a real, authentic taste of Taiwan for our first meal! We finally decided on this local noodle shop, which was known for their amazing porkchops that went fantastic with their homemade noodles.

Salt and pepper Pork chops with pickles on top.
The perfect combo to end the long day of spending 16 hours in a plane!!

I wish we walked around more to see more of the night life, but our tour of Taiwan will start tomorrow morning, and I plan to take many, many more pictures :) Check back here for more updates!!


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