Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 1 in Taiwan!

I'd successfully uploaded and edited day 1's footage in Taiwan, saved it, then opened it up later only to find that all the files in the video were corrupted!! It's my fault actually, because I uploaded the files to Windows Movie Maker straight from the memory card and deleted them right after they were uploaded, which caused the broken links :( All the videos were lost from day 1, but fortunately I still have the pictures! The lost videos showed the streets of Taiwan more in depth, and I'm so upset I can't share it with you here :( We did all kinds of things, from visiting the museum of Chiang Kai-Shek to experiencing the night life on the bustling
streets of Taiwan!

Taipei 101, ranked second tallest in the world, with Dubai's Burj Khalifa taking the title for #1

Chiang Kai-Shek;s (Late president of Taiwan) Cadillac!

Exterior of museum of Chiang Kai-Shek

A miniature model of a French Room at the Miniature Museum. I had plenty of footage on my video camera which showed and explained a lot more about this museum, EVERYTHING WAS SO TINY AND CUTE!! It was basically a museum of mini themed fantasy rooms, all with tiny, meticulously placed decor and furniture. There were model rooms, some of which you wish you lived in, and some mini figurines and dollhouses.

A miniature home set in a loft in New Jersey, overlooking the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline.

Each one of us had a meal to ourselves! It constituted of a hot pot of beef , veggies and rice, with sweetened anchovies and seaweed

We visited the Flower Festival, where different varieties of beautiful seasonal flowers are on display to the public. There was even a bride and groom taking their wedding photos!

Kneeling in a field of flowers!

Another shot of the field

Another hot pot meal for dinner! There was a whole slew of meats and vegetables to choose from, we couldn't even finish everything that was given to us!

(At the night market) Shoes, shoes, shoes!!

Also at the night market. They had ALL kinds of yummy food, desserts, snacks and some other food that I wasn't too familiar with. This is an ice cream cart with different flavors available to choose from!

The Taiwanese rendition of the hot dog haha. They wrap a type of different sausage with veggies in a chewy, soft outer layer made of rice (I think)

The streets of Taipei, Taiwan almost reminded me of Times Square back in NY! The streets were filled with people of all ages, even on this Wednesday night!

I still have 3 more days of our adventures in Taiwan to share with you all! I'm currently still editing day two and three's videos--day 2's pictures and video will be posted later in the day when we come back from our last day of the tour. Being in Taiwan has been a great experience, and I can't wait on our last night tonight to finish shopping for all the things I had in mind to buy!! For all the makeup junkies out there, the false eyelashes here are SO cheap and affordable, only about 4 dollars for a pack of 10 pairs! I'm going to do a haul of the products I had bought after I'm finished with all the other videos--that should be exciting :) Thanks for stopping by, can't wait to finally upload a video later today!!


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