Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 2 in Taiwan!

Hey everyone! I'm currently in Malaysia YAY! I was finally able to upload a few of my videos on youtube, even though it took an eternity to process because of the internet connection here in Malaysia. I already have some vlogs in Malaysia in queue ready to upload and share with you all here, but first I must finish uploading day 3 and 4 in Taiwan! My trip was amazing, the last day even more so, since I was able to purchase a couple more pairs of shoes and goodies! Enough talking, check out the video and the pictures below of beautiful sights and food you will only find in Taiwan!! Watch it in HD to truly enjoy all the sights, especially Sun Moon Lake!

Track course outside the school destroyed by the earthquake

A partially collapsed school building

Nestea Honey Pear Flavored Iced Tea--very yummy and quenches your thirst!

Our ticket into the Paper Dome Shrine

People go to the Paper Dome and attach their wishes and prayers onto the curtains! 

A wish/prayer written in Chinese--I wanted to ask my mom to translate it for me haha.

Another view of the prayers

My dad, brother and mom sitting by a small pond at the Paper Dome

Some wax apples (or Java apples) and other fruits cultivated in Taiwan

Fried, crunchy small shrimp you can eat whole!

Delicious braised chicken cooked in herbal sauce

A street full of fruits, vegetables and restaurants

Notice anything different about these bananas? They're thinner and longer than the bananas we're used to!  They're known as the lady's fingers bananas because of their shape! They taste slightly more tart and sour than regular bananas.

Another look at the the lady's fingers bananas!

Homemade black tea egg rolls! Perfect for tea lovers--you can actually smell and taste the black tea used in the process of making them!
closeup of the egg rolls!

Making the egg rolls

Amazing view of the Sun Moon Lake from our hotel balcony

Cable cars are available if you wanted to ride across the lake to enjoy the scenery

A guardian lion in front of a temple

Another view of the Sun Moon Lake!

Sun Moon Lake at night. I didn't have a telephoto lens, otherwise I could have captured a better shot :(

That's all I have to share for now! Hopefully, I'll be able to upload days 3 and 4 within the next few days; I also can't wait to upload some clips of Malaysia! We're also planning to travel to Thailand in early August, so I'm very excited to be able to capture so much footage of so many countries! 


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